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DeckWave™ Products

Size & Weight of DeckWave™ Panels

The actual size and weight of our panels are as follows;

Deep Width Height Weight
24" with .5" tab 47.875" 1.25" 13lbs
24" with .5" tab 59.875" 1.25" 17lbs
24" with .5" tab 71.875" 1.25" 20.5lbs

Remember, unlike our competitors we do not have to screw panels together with backing strips. To make a panel group, each DeckWave™ panel is 24” deep, saving a tremendous amount of time, labor and material in making a panel.

Methods DeckWave™ Panels May be Attached

There are many ways the panel can be installed.

1. Wood DocksWood docks
Screwed into wood supports from the top with #10 or #12 truss head screws on one of many center supports 24”, 18”, 16”, 15”, 14.5”, etc.
2. Wood DocksAluminum drop in angle
Our unique swing tabs are located at the end of each panel. A total of 2 to 6 hold down tabs can be used on each panel.
3. Slide in TrackSlide in track design
Panels can be slid into a groove. This method is most preferred as panels do not need swing tabs and cannot fall out.


Colors Available

The two colors available are the Light Beige and the Light Grey. It was concluded that a look to blend in with wood or aluminum was important. Both colors are non-heat generating, therefore on hot days you can comfortably walk or lay down on the panels. On larger orders, different color choices may be an option.